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Healthy Heart and Nutrition

Feb 12, 2019


February is national Heart Healthy month – and new guidelines for lowering your cholesterol and preventing heart disease have been released. These guidelines support Patient-Centered Management for primary prevention – and recommend individualized risk assessment for everyone. Whether the risk is considered low to moderate or high, a key component is lifestyle intervention. Studies show that LDL-cholesterol – the “bad” cholesterol can be lowered by 5-15% with lifestyle intervention alone. Precision MNT – or Medical Nutrition Therapy – can guide you through a thorough understanding of your personal risk assessment and guide you through the steps necessary to develop a lifestyle intervention program tailored to your specific needs. A Precision MNT session with nutritionist, Dr. Susan Vannucci, in collaboration with the expert physicians at New York Physicians, will help you understand the numbers in your cholesterol/lipid profile, what determines your current risk of cardiovascular disease, and the precise steps you can take to make your lifestyle heart healthy. A combination of gradual changes to your current nutrition as well as physical activity changes compatible with your needs and activity level will help you transform your lifestyle into a heart healthy one. This is NOT a diet- it’s a lifestyle.


In keeping with the new cholesterol guidelines and this being heart healthy month, the National Lipid Association has also released the results of a two-part study recommending patient-centered management for primary prevention of heart disease. No longer a “one-size-fits-all” approach, the new guidelines recommend individual risk assessment for different age groups, ethnic groups, gender – and taking into account an individual’s risk enhancers and other lipid biomarkers. For most individuals at low to moderate risk, the first recommendation is lifestyle interventions before medication, including diet and physical activity. With the help of the physicians at New York Physicians, as well as individualized expert nutrition/wellness programs, most patients will be able to effectively manage their cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular disease.