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Longevity and Intermittent Fasting

Jul 17, 2019

Susan J. Vannucci, Ph.D.


The use of intermittent fasting – in all its forms- is currently being touted for providing weight loss and health. But fasting is far from a new idea and has been practiced by ancient cultures and religions for all of time. Regions with world’s healthiest – and oldest- people practice intermittent fasting with a moderate Mediterranean Diet. They live long well, with limited incidence of the diseases of aging.

Not so in our current society – where our diet and the foods available to most of us are both more processed and abundant, leading to increases in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, and obesity.

There is a way to combat this- with the FMD or fasting-mimicking diet. A very smart scientist who heads the Gerontology Institute at Stanford University has developed a plan that causes all of the body changes of a water-only fast without the stress of fasting! Everything you need for 5 days comes in a box of real food. No nasty shakes, no fillers or artificial ingredients. Based on the Mediterranean Diet, the plan accentuates complex carbohydrates and healthy fat. After 5 days you transition back to normal- but hopefully a healthier normal! The benefits of this plan (in mice and humans) are:

*   Weight loss- fat loss without muscle loss
*   Reduced blood sugar and increased insulin sensitivity
*   Improved skin tone and improvement of skin disease such as eczema
*   Improved sleep
*   Reduced risk of age-related disease

Whether you already have health issues, or are a relatively healthy middle-aged person, this plan will set you on the path for aging healthy, well, and strong!

Here is the website for the plan and contact me for my program including reduced pricing combined with nutritional counseling!