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Flu Vaccinations at New York Physicians are Now Available

Aug 06, 2019
    Flu vaccines are designed to protect against the main flu viruses that research and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggest will be the most common during the upcoming season. Three kinds of…

Longevity and Intermittent Fasting

Jul 17, 2019
Susan J. Vannucci, Ph.D.   The use of intermittent fasting – in all its forms- is currently being touted for providing weight loss and health. But fasting is far from a new idea and has been practiced…

Dr Melanie Marin, Featured on American Health Front

Jul 03, 2019
Dr. Marin is featured on American Health Front discussing current options for relieving the symptoms of post-menopausal vaginal atrophy.  Symptoms such as painful intercouse, vaginal itching and burning…

Dr. Lisa Durso Joins New York Physicians

Jun 25, 2019
  We are pleased to announce that Dr. Lisa R. Durso will be joining New York Physicians in August 2019. Dr. Durso is board certified in internal medicine. She has a clinical interest in general preventive…

Precision Medical Nutrition Therapy MNT at New York Physicians

May 28, 2019
Precision Medical Nutrition Therapy is nutrition/diet and lifestyle analysis and guidance uniquely designed for your personal needs. Maybe you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels and risk…

Treating Endometriosis

Apr 01, 2019
I can hardly believe it has been four years since I last wrote about the treatment of endometriosis on this site. I was prompted to write because for the first time since I became a doctor 26 years ago,…

Rapid Precision Medicine

Mar 04, 2019
Case study from John Postley, MD FACP Procalcitonin levels is a helpful marker to elucidate bacterial infections. A patient who recently had radiation treatment for cancer, came in for the evaluation…

Is your job killing you?

Feb 19, 2019
  You live in NYC. You work long hours. Your boss is impossible. Are you a set up for a heart attack? Urban legion says "Yes, stress will hurt your heart”. But what is the science behind this? In recent…

Healthy Heart and Nutrition

Feb 12, 2019
  February is national Heart Healthy month – and new guidelines for lowering your cholesterol and preventing heart disease have been released. These guidelines support Patient-Centered Management for…

Heart Month

Feb 08, 2019
By Mark P. Abrams, MD   Happy Heart Month! February is named American Heart Month and is dedicated to spreading awareness about heart disease and promotion of heart health. Did you know that the World…