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Rapid Precision Testing to Better Treat Patients

Mar 05, 2018

New York Physicians is proud to offer rapid precision testing technology for upper respiratory and diarrheal illnesses.

After the physician performs a thorough consultation and examination, the staff collects a nasal swab (for respiratory infections) or a stool sample (for gastrointestinal infections). We then use Biofire Filmarray technology to identify specific viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Our on-site testing allows for same-day results, allowing patients to be more effectively treated without delay. 

Treatment consists of antiviral medications, an antibiotic, or symptom focused therapy. This allows for treatment precisely directed at the true cause of the infection and avoidance of unnecessary medications.

With this new technology, New York Physicians is expanding our ability to offer full and comprehensive care for our patients as well as consultative medicine for patients who are referred from other physicians and locations.